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Psychological Analysis

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Psychological Analysis Business Series

What to do with overtime work and social drinking

1 : What are unique “corporate cultures” of Japan?

When foreign students think about working for a Japanese company, what they worry about the most is Japanese unique “corporate cultures” such as “overtime work” and “Nominication (drinking + communication).” Why can Japanese people tolerate a lot of overtime work? Why do they often go for drinks with people who they work with? Psychologist, Dr. Yoshihito Naito will teach us how to adjust to overtime work and drinking and how to say no to them without being rude.

“Japanese companies have unique “corporate cultures” such as company retreats, cherry blossom viewing, New Year parties and year-end parties. These cultures are not very common in other countries. Why do they exist in many Japanese companies after decades? It’s because they are necessary in Japanese society. Any kinds of systems and customs are necessary, and that is the reason why they still exist after many decades.” (Dr. Naito)

After listening to Dr. Naito, many company events for all seasons came to mind. Some companies even have a traditional event where new employees give some performance to entertain other employees. This applies not only to well-established companies but also to newly established venture capital companies. This means that these cultures are not just “outdated tradition of Japanese companies.”

Why do Japanese companies need these customs?

Yoshihito Naito

Psychologist. Special Lecturer at Rissho University. Ph.D. in Social Studies at Keio University. President of ANGIRUDO Ltd.Author of “Black Techniques of Personal Uniqueness,” “People Act on 90% Suggestion,” etc.


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Foreigners who are thinking about working in Japan should read this article!

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