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Strange Japanese people

Summer in Japan is all about telling ghost stories. Do other countries around the world also tell scary stories to forget about the heat?

In Japan, ghost stories are an important ritual of the summer. Many Japanese people have experienced shivers down their spine or goose bumps around their body telling ghost stories on a hot summer night. Do other countries around the world have a similar ritual?

This time, the editorial office asked the “OKWave Thank You” multilingual community (“In Japan there is a tradition of telling scary tales to send chills down our spines at summer time. Scary tales give goose bumps, shivers and make you forget about the heat. Is there such a tradition in your country?”and we received various responses from Asia, Europe and the U.S.

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Results show that Korea and Taiwan have similar rituals of telling bone chilling ghost stories during the hot summer. “During the summer, TV shows about ghosts and super natural events start airing (Korea).” “There are a lot of horror movies that start showing during the summer (Korea),” which is very similar to Japan. “When we tell ghost stories in the summer, our spines get chilly (Taiwan).” This ritual in Taiwan, where 100 candles are lit inside a dark room and one candle is taken away for every scary story told, is quite similar to the Japanese ritual called “round of ghost stories.”

Other countries also seemed to have similar ghost telling stories, but they “do it to kill time or for fun,” and don’t seem to tell stories to forget about the heat.

So how do people overseas escape the heat? An interesting answer was, “when it’s hot we eat spicy food. Because it makes us sweat, it lowers our body temperature (Indonesia).” Korea seems to have a similar ritual when it is hot outside. If people around the world followed the same ritual, we can conserve energy and stay healthy by not using the air conditioning to survive the heat.

Summer is about to begin, so as people from Taiwan or Korea, why not try telling ghost stories with friends and escape the heat?


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  • andonatu


over 5 years


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  • Tomoya

Asians make the best scary movies in my opinion.

over 5 years


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  • Saber

Japanese horror movie you thought you afraid most?

over 5 years


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  • Tali

I think the same! I'd like that kind of stories to be spread in Italy too!!!

  • Translator
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  • 84

over 5 years


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  • solarobin

It is true that I find Japanese horror movies quite scrary, the really create a horrific atmosphere.

over 5 years

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