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Psychological Analysis

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Psychological Analysis Love Series

A trick to change your relationship; how to make popular guys, lady killers or hard-to-get girls like you

1 : How to make a workaholic fall in love with you

How to make a person who does not have any interest besides work, especially romance, like you? Or do you just have to give it up, that the person is only interested in work because “it’ just fate , it’s just bad timing”. Please give us some advice, Professor Yoshihito Naito!

“First, for women, if she falls in love with a workaholic, try to stay around him as much possible. People usually fall in love with someone near them. This is called ‘Bossard's Law’. No matter how busy that person is, he must have a meal. That means there is a chance for you to get close to him by asking him to have lunch or dinner with you. Even if you are not physically close, tell him that you are ‘available to talk anytime.’ Never disturb him especially when he is very busy, but stay close to him, not wasting the chance of approach. It is important to always stay near him, and make him notice that you are present.” (Professor Naito)

I see! It seems like a good idea not to disturb that person, but to stay nearby. Then how about if a man falls in love with a female workaholic?

“In that case, find the right timing. For example, if one is depressed, recovery is thought to be quicker when one talks to someone else. Psychologically, this is called “Social Support”. Always stay in a position where you can socially support the girl when she gets nervous or distressed. That’s what’s important. When you talk to someone in distress, they usually open up their feelings and any emotional barriers they have melt away. In those situations, they usually fall in love.” (Professor Naito)

The trick is to become a man who is always there, and whom she can rely on when depressed, and especially if she is a workaholic. The main premise for both men and women is ‘not to disturb them from work’. Try using these methods, and get a closer relationship with the person you have fallen for.

Yoshihito Naito

Psychologist. Special Lecturer at Rissho University. Ph.D. in Social Studies at Keio University. President of ANGIRUDO Ltd.Author of “Black Techniques of Personal Uniqueness,” “People Act on 90% Suggestion,” etc.


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staying close physically is often very difficult if the person is working from morning to night and gives work the priority -.-

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