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Synchronization rate over 400%?! The official store you have to see at least once: "EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01"

Evangelion, the anime that has caused a constant social phenomenon and is loved all around the world, has premiered its newest release "Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo." Aside from being adapted to movies and manga, there are also various events and collaborations with different brands going on. In 2011, the "EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01" official store opened in the young fashion district of Harajuku. In order to find out more about the appeal of the shop, which attracts many foreign visitors as well, we decided to make a report. We present these 18 photos of the shop, which display many fan-coveted items.

The "You Can (Not) Redo" pilots welcome you.

  • The landmark of the shop is the impressive Unit-01!

  • It's Kaji's vegetable garden in front of the shop!

  • Missed the back of the shop? "What are you, stupid?!"

When entering the shop, the first thing you hear are announcements by popular characters. They apparently change seasonally, and today we have the voice of Misato Katsuragi. It gets you excited all of a sudden. The tills, walls, and decorations are designed in great detail on Evangelion, naturally immersing you into the universe of the series.

The first floor is reminiscent of a fashionable boutique. T-shirts with characters and Evas and the Harajuku shop original "yurushito" (the angel redesigned as a "yuru" mascot) are abundant. One piece dresses, like the one inspired by Rei Ayanami (plug suit one piece) or the one designed by the multi-talented Shoko Nakagawa and inspired by Mari Illustrious Makinami, are sure to please female fans. Additionally, daily use items like bags and cuffs, the Lance of Longinus, silver accessories inspired by Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa, and wedding rings are also available. Spokesman Mr. Hirai, who gave us the tour, is very fond of his camera strap.

  • You can't miss the Eva outfits for women.

  • "Children" oriented items are also abundant!

  • Embroidery on both sides, making it reversible.

  • The best gift from Tokyo-3.

  • Dyed one by one by a craftsman.

  • When put together, they form the complete picture.

On the second floor you can buy things like snacks, anime goods, and stationary. What caught our attention were the "Evangelion ningyo-yaki" (a type of sweet) and the "Angel core steamed buns," which remind us of an Eva consuming an Angel. Tumblers inscribed with "For NERV field use" and the emergency preparedness kit are sure to move fans' hearts. Another good point is that artwork collections are also available, which let you dig deep into the series' point of view. The cherry on top is the figurine display cases with signatures of staff members, starting from director Hideaki Anno. These also seem to be changed periodically, so make sure to check when you go to the shop.

Details like the containers below the shelves reading "Top secret" give the place a complete "Eva" feel. Both fans and casual shoppers at Harajuku should really pay the shop a visit.

  • Looking back at the staircase......!?

  • Displays that change periodically.

  • There are also charming Evas☆

  • Steamed buns that let you prey on an Angel's core?!

  • Stationary and CDs are well stocked.

  • Make sure to check out the shop's logo!

  • The tagline of "Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo"

※This shop will close its doors on June 1st, 2014. The shop will be relocated in Ikebukuro.
Address: 1-8-23 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Nearest Station: JR Harajuku Station
Phone: 03-5474-3310
Operating hours: 10AM - 7PM
Closed days: Not set
Official website:
Accepted cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Orico, American Express, SAISON, TS3, Ginren.

Presents for readers

We'll select 3 people who leave a comment or a thank you message after reading and give them a set of chopsticks acquired at the EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-01! Unit-00, Unit-01, or Unit-02. Which one you get will be a surprise!! ⇒This article is now closed for submissions.


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  • tinnmi


over 4 years


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  • 香琉亞

おもしろそう いつか行ってみたいです。

over 4 years


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  • mitusru


over 4 years


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  • Apocolypse007

I'd love to have a shop like that around here. It is difficult just to find anime where I live, let alone a store that specializes in a particular series.

over 4 years


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  • Zach PB&J

I want the chopsticks so bad!

over 4 years

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